Mentoring Committee

Written by Anthony Drago. Posted in Mentoring

One of the many goals for NYWLE is to create a program for continued mentoring of both women in law enforcement and students interested in criminal justice. This goal alone will provide a solid foundation for reaching our other goals associated with networking, recruitment and training. A committee will be formed to work out the logistics of how this program shall work in pairing members. In the interim, if you have questions or ideas, please proceed to the contact page and enter "Mentoring Program" into the subject line when entering your message.

For further information about the mentoring committee, or to get involved, please contact Pam Sgroi via the member directory. Other committee members are reachable via the member directory:

Gina Cocchiara, Bethlehem Police Department (Capital)
Melinda Marquart, Seneca County Sheriff's Office (Western)
Jamie Mazuryk, Schoharie County Sheriff's Office (Capital)
Amanda Irons-Rindfleisch, Niagara County Sheriff's Office (Western)
Tina Graziano, MTA PD (Southern)