Community Service Committee

Written by Anthony Drago. Posted in Community Service

The purpose of the NYWLE Community Service Committee is to explore and organize NYWLE participation in community service projects throughout New York State. As a committee, we will commit to projects which promote a positive relationship between criminal justice and the communities we serve. We will be seeking both long and short term projects for member participation throughout New York State that make use of the special qualities and skills of the members of NYWLE. Whether it is Statewide or regional, focusing our resources, our strength and our sense of responsibility can make a difference. Ideas for projects and service opportunities are welcome.

Current members of this committee are:

Mary Beth Horn, Lindsey Giles, Mary Kavaney, Leslie Arp, Casey Quinlan, Stacey Wickes, Lindsey Cook, Julie Clancy, Kristine Grosso, Juanita Salas-Jackson, Karen Squires, Christine Gilfus, Karen Munroe, Jenny Terrero, Shanna Martin, Barbara Butler, Jeannette Morales, Kelly Remington, Kimberly Sobus, Stacey Goodman, Susan Deshensky, Valerie Ashton, and Marvise Rennalls.

All committee members can be reached via the member directory. Send your thoughts and ideas or desire to be on the committee to Lindsey Giles or Mary Beth Horn via the Member Directory.